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It’s always heartening to see people bond over something. However, it’s generally observed that a shared passion for any sport connects people quicker than anything else.  With FIFA World Cup in full swing, Peek Freans Chocolicious availed the opportunity to unite football lovers by releasing their anthem ‘Dhak Dhak Goal’ which has become a viral sensation overnight, crossing over 8 million views since its release.

Here are four reasons we think people connected so well with the anthem:


1. It unites people from all fronts



It’s not about where you come from but what you truly believe in and the anthem shows just that.  The love for the sport runs in all nook and crannies and surpasses all barriers of creed and class. The anthem shows diversity capturing the streets of Lyari to Lahore, the lush fields of Punjab and the neon-lit futsal grounds in Islamabad. The passion unites everyone as shown in the video and its true essence is captured brilliantly in the anthem.


2. It surpasses the gender ideals



What’s refreshing about the anthem is that it goes beyond genders – showing that football is not  a sport only men can play but even women can given their passion for it.  The passion surpasses everything and unites the two genders into playing together. That just makes it more relatable and popular among everyone.


3. The beat connects with everyone



The catchy beat of the anthem is something which everyone can instantly connect with; it’s fresh and has the power to pull audience. The mood of the anthem is evokes passion, just like sport anthems ought to be. It will make you want to sing, cheer or do a victory move but you’ll love it all the same.


4. It has been shot well



It’s not just the upbeat theme of the anthem which has made the video such an overnight sensation but also the way it has been shot. The amazing shots capture the essence of diversity really well and each frame comes with an element of thrill we experience when we watch football. It can either be experienced while we’re glued to our television screens, while we cheer for a football match in the area or live the moment during a live football match in the stadium – there is excitement in all of these moments we experience.


5. The first football anthem to show the local spirit of the game



Pakistan is largely seen as a cricket-loving nation but this is the first time, such zeal was shown for any sport other than cricket. Availing the Fifa World Cup season and the undying interest of football lovers, this has to be the first anthem that brings out the fervour and paints a beautiful picture of the local sport lovers.


Here’s the Dhak Dhak Goal anthem: