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People expect celebrities to always be on their best behaviour which is kind of difficult really in the age of mobile phones when every move by them is under constant scrutiny.

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif was recently booed by fans after she refused to take pictures with them with the entire incident being captured on video. Katrina, who is currently on tour with Salman Khan and others, had just finished the Dabangg show in Vancouver when eager fans approached her for photos.


She, reportedly, asked the fans to wait for some time as she was exhausted after the show and didn’t feel like taking any pictures immediately. This obviously didn’t go down well with the fans who started chanting, “We don’t want to take a picture with you” and also booed the actress.

Katrina, however, didn’t ignore them and, in fact, responded by saying, “You know what, you shouldn’t do that guys. You know we just had a very, very long show and we are very tired.” Katrina then asked the fans to calm down but her words didn’t seem to have any impact on them as they continued to argue with her.

She then stopped to take pictures with some of the other fans who were there. Here, take a look at the video:



What do you think? Should the fans have reacted the way they did?