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ABC has cancelled Priyanka Chopra’s American TV show Quantico with season 3 being the last season to be aired.

Priyanka grabbed eyeballs and started making headlines globally after signing the lead role of FBI agent Alex Parrish on the show. The third season of the show opened to lukewarm response and had 13 episodes as opposed to the previous seasons which had 22 episodes each.



As per a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the first episode of the third season opened to poor ratings of 0.5 and less than 3 million total viewers. The current season, however, will continue to air till the 13th episode.



Priyanka recently spoke to Variety about why she took on Quantico. “My only thing then was that I wanted to play a part that was ethnically ambiguous because what happens with a lot of South Asian actors is you get stereotyped into just what studio executives think that Indians should be. So I told them I wanted to play a part where I, as an actor, could deliver my job and it had nothing to do with my color or my ethnicity,” she said.

Priyanka had also termed the show a huge win for her. “That’s how they found me for ‘Quantico,’ which was a huge win for me being a South Asian actor, because I grew up at a time in America where the only South Asian representation that I saw on television was Apu on ‘The Simpsons’ — and he was annoying as hell.  It just made you feel really small.”