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Mawra Hocane, along with sister Urwa, recently appeared on a chat show hosted by Yasir Hussain where they seemed to have had a great time but some of the audience members aren’t happy.

The reason being a joke Yasir cracked during the show where he compared Atif to a goat. Fans were displeased that Mawra laughed at Yasir’s comment. However, Mawra took to Instagram on Friday to issue a clarification, stating that what the audience saw was a result of bad editing as her reaction shown was not to Yasir’s joke but to another question Yasir had asked, and that her reaction shot was misused.

“Atif Aslam is the country’s pride & there’s nothing cool or funny about cracking a joke at him,” Mawra wrote.



We got in touch with the Sammi star and she was visibly upset with the show’s producers for giving an impression that she and Urwa were in on the joke. “It’s disappointing that they’d misguide the audience like this. Atif is an icon and I have always looked up to him,” she said.

Mawra has time and again shown her love for Atif and is a self-confessed #AtifAslamFanForever. Take a look at these tweets of hers for instance:



Meanwhile, here’s a clip from the chat show. It’s evident that Mawra is reacting to drinking the “booster” (which she had to drink every time she gave a wrong answer), not to Yasir’s joke (which Yasir cracked after Mawra answered the question correctly).



What do you guys think?