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I can say this with confidence: everything looked beautiful.

A good 24 hours before fashion is to set foot on the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week runway, the arena where preps were being set up this evening was a little too good to believe. A beautiful sea breeze blowing in created a slight chill and the open ambience of the venue added to the romance of the place. That and lots of technicians and carpenters hammering the red carpet into place gave the reassurance that all things logistical would be well in place tomorrow.

The Lotus, Catwalk and Unilever teams were up and about, R Team seemed confident and systematic…a very tanned HSY seemed to be in control while a busy Nuschie Jamil was busier making sure the foreign teams were well taken care of. Let’s hope they get back from Gaddani safe and sound. Gaddani! Hell, that’ll be quite an adventure!!!

Meanwhile Shilpa Raina (IANS) is here from Delhi and Michelle Stockman (AFP) should be arriving from New York any minute. These are the two journalists I know for sure are coming to cover fashion week. Mary (Bower) we will miss you!

The cityscape tells me there are many more people around. Every foreign face I see seems to be here for fashion week!

“Keep me here,” my visiting friend said and I have to agree that there is something addictive in the Karachi air. So welcome to the city by the sea and a special note to OJ: hey, it isn’t that smelly this time of the year 🙂

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