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The take off was slower than it should have been; Nickie Nina’s collection was unimpressive. That said, there is much to be said in favour of Day One at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

Seher Atif of Saai has come a long way from what she showed last season. Her collection had both cohesion and construction. And now that she is confident of her product (as she spoke at the post show conference), she must see that her label is marketed and retailed more prolifically.

Akif Mehmood’s showstopping outfit!

Akif Mehmood, emerging talent from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, was very promising. There was a bit too much surface decoration happening – and one wished he had toned it down to highlight the strengths of each garment – but it was an interesting start nevertheless. The handkerchief skirt worn to perfection by Fayeza was my favourite piece.

Mohsin, the other well publicized talent from the PIFD, put up an equally interesting collection. It held on to thesis mode a bit too tightly but also held the promise of a strong aesthetic and construction. The way he had worked bags out of the fabric was interesting. The litmus test will be how these two young designers transition to retail.

Sara Shahid nailed it with this quintessentially Sublime collection. Crisp and clean on a palette of black, white and camel, every piece carried her signature to perfection. Again, Sara would benefit from a better marketing campaign.

The show ended with a pfffftt as the charity benefit was long and boring. A great idea – Fashion Gives Back – one needed names of participating designers at least to enjoy what was coming on the catwalk. Fuzon – though bringing on passé yet enjoyable music – made it easier to sit through.

HIGHS: A very organized evening, with shows happening without any fussy add-ons like sponsor promos, speeches etc…all of which we had to endure last time. The lounge was lovely (and the crowd was predominantly fashionable) although the opulence of the Casa Hamza VIP lounge was sorely missed! Beautiful breeze, great vibes. Thumbs up!

LOWS: The catwalk for one was too low. With models as short as ours the runway must be elevated. That and seating must be distanced by at least another two feet from the runway length. The models were the second low. Except for a few the rest were too green and shaky. It also appeared that the designers were on a low budget. No goody bags?

HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST: Ronak Lakhani hosted the most elegant after-show cocktail. Everyone who is anyone was there. That should keep you guessing. What’s great was the sense of camaraderie and support. What would fashion be without society, after all?

Photographs exclusively for this blog by Humayun M.

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