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Muniba, in a Monsoon LBD, was undoubtedly Best Dressed that day.

So I am on a roll here but  have to drag you all back to Pakistan Fashion Week 3 and the Zong Award for Best Dressed (lady and gentleman) on the red carpet. Two judges were appointed each day and on Day 1, the award went to Muniba Kamal (Editor Instep) and Declan Walsh (who, wearing jeans and a work shirt joked that the award was rigged). Both journalists, Walsh does qualify as good looking and Muniba is both good looking and fashionably well dressed.

Hani Taha wearing Shehla Chatoor.

There’s just something about intelligent women that makes them automatically attractive. And like it or not, most well-dressed, attractive women are in the fashion media business.

So, as I was judging the Best Dressed on Day 2, I automatically chose Hani Taha, who looked stunning in a Shehla Chatoor jumpsuit (right). I was quickly reprimanded and advised that awarding another journalist would be very improper as people would smell favoritism. Uh, okay, so an equally well-dressed Sana Hashwani was awarded.

Andleeb (Editor, Xpoze) always dresses impeccably but even I manage to pull it off here. Both in Shehla Chatoor.

What irked me was that these same people were okay with Ghazala Humayun’s Best Dressed Award on Day 3. That wasn’t regarded as favouritism? Obviously not.

I digress. All I’m trying to say is that with their insight into trends and fashion in general, fashion journalists tend to dress better than a lot of people and it’s just too bad if people cannot accept that.

Andleeb Rana (Editor Xpoze) always has an edginess to her attire, and that’s what is needed at a fashion week. You think pretty socialites in Loubatins and Louis Vuittons qualify? Think again. Fashion is about individuality and not about piling on the brands. But even those in our fraternity that do wear the brands, do so tastefully…

Shehrbano Taseer, Sunday Times and Newsweek Pakistan.

Momina Sibtain, Express Tribune

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Sheherbano Taseer looked stunning in a hot-off-the-ramp Elan number, worn with Gucci heels. Style: check. Glamour: check. Best Dressed: hell, yes check! I could rest my case right here but I have more…

Momina Sibtain, who reports for Express Tribune in Lahore, had a great sense of style as do Meher Tareen and Samina Khan of Paper Magazine. I wish I had a visual of them.

More? Well, Batul Rizvi (Editor, Visage) is always well-dressed and hip.  Ditto for Instep’s Kiran Haroon who always makes an effort to look different.

Muniba Kamal, Fareshteh Aslam and Andleeb Rana

Before you guys object, let me say that Fareshteh was a journalist before she stepped into the corporate world. So when it comes to fashion she’s more ‘us’ than ‘them’. And leaving you with a tiny image (taken by Ayaz Anis) of me at FPW3:


This is a print Khaadi created for fashion week (it’s just random news bulletins from Jang and Ummat most prominantly) and Sanam Chaudhri put it together for me just in time for fashion week. Kitschy, edgy, I loved it through and through.

Where is all this coming from? It’s coming from the fact that well-dressed means well-dressed, journalist or not. It was appalling how certain people from the corporate sector openly objected (on Twitter, the only platform they have) and cast aspersions on the validity of any Best Dressed award given to a journalist. I’m glad Muniba returned her Android when that happened. Why create a system if you yourself cannot respect and honour it yourself? It’s something Zong needs to ponder on before handing out Best Dressed Awards next time…

Photos: Faisal Farooqui, iPhone and Ayaz Anis


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