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Technically I’m a fashion blogger but fashion and beauty are joint at the hip so it was only a matter of time before I picked up the pen to blog on beauty too. Thanks to the pile-up of fashion weeks in the last one month, many complimentary beauty products came my way for sampling. And truthfully, they have inspired me to write.

Here are the nail lacquers to begin with…

Nice Stems from OPI came in four tiny sample sizes, which are perfect because I always feel that the actual, larger nail polishes tend to dry up before you get to the bottom of them. Plus, I haven’t painted my own nails for the longest time (Nail Express has the most fabulous range of OPI shades, including the black and white Shatters) and these miniatures are just right for sudden whims. Colours of summer: a fuchsia pink, an orange red (quite like Cajun Shrimp, one of my favourite OPI shades), a natural neutral and a confetti shimmer on a glaze base. The reason I love OPI is a) the colour doesn’t damage nails, b) OPI has the most magnificent and diverse palette and c) the OPI website is so interactive and up to date!

Leighton Denny is available at Toni & Guy salons, at least in Karachi.

Got this sampler Leighton Denny shade from Toni&Guy, at one of their media launches for the new bridal lounge. Must say I loved the vivid pink shade although self-application is nothing compared to the professional manicure you get at the salon. I haven’t tried it but a friend who has lauds it highly.

Apparently it is as good as the Gelish manicure at Nail Express, which is a nail gel application dried under ultraviolet light. It guarantees to never chip, crack or come off, which people like me need. I can never grow my nails because they chip thanks to incessant typing. So a big thumbs up to Leighton Denny too. If I’m not wrong, neither OPI or LD can be bought in Pakistan and they are only available as salon services.

Luscious shades from Luscious!

I love the I Love Luscious website because it features Mahirah Khan and Rabia Butt looking as lovely as any model on a foreign website. But coming to the nail polishes, these diamond finish lacquers are gorgeous, available and affordable at Rs 225 each. And they come in natural, loud and edgy as yellow colours. Much better than the local Medora and Swiss Miss nail polishes we had back in the day!



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