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As families gather to cheer on the bride in a conventional way, hardly anyone wonders what a bride must be feeling on her big day. It’s a given that she should be the most excited or rather nervous person. Why? Because marriages remind us of good food, fun, decorations, luxe clothes and wedding gifts. Setting an precedented example, MoltyFoam has recently launched a powerful campaign to bring attention to an often neglected issue surrounding weddings — physical abuse or violence against women in Pakistan.

MoltyFoam, in collaboration with Mashion, has brought Mashaadi 22 — a campaign that seeks to draw attention to the alarming number of women who are suffering from abuse and yet no one talks about it. Women in Pakistan live in fear but unless the violence leaves an apparent physical manifestation, no one notices or dares to ask.

MoltyFoam has taken a step in the right direction to help women recognize the different forms of abuse they face. The campaign, very subtly, urges them to speak up, fight for their rights and take action for themselves. The brand has taken an initiative to create awareness in society that violence is not limited to physical abuse, but it also includes mental, emotional and many other forms. MoltyFoam’s new campaign is a superb example of responsible marketing in 2022 as it highlights these forms of abuse in a 5 minute 30 seconds thought-provoking ad.

The ad also puts forward horrifying statistics that according to Pakistan Democratic and Health Survey, “More than 1 in 4 ever-married women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15.”

Hence, this empowering message not only celebrates the courage of women but also reminds them that they have the power to speak up against abuse in all forms. It’s never too late to stand up, even if you stand alone!

The ad shows a bride, played by Mahira Khan, who is getting ready for her wedding but is disturbed because her husband-to-be has physically abused her once. She is shattered and divided and even when she voices her concern, her mother is more anxious that the baraat has arrived. She says the most commonly used phrase to brush the issue under the carpet: ‘relationships mein aisa ho jata hai [this can happen in relationships]’ but Mahira questions why abuse in relationships is considered a norm?

Here is what we loved the most about Mashaadi’22:

A bride dares to speak up against abuse

In a sea of mattress ads that glamorizes dowry, MoltyFoam changed the game this year with a social message. It is a miracle itself that we get to see a mattress ad that shows a break up rather than a big family wedding. It is equally refreshing to see a bride realizing the menace of abuse and how she has the right to steer clear of it. She overcomes the fear of log kya kahenge [what will people say?] and sets an example.

Her father and brother stand by her

It is a rare sight on television that we get to see support male counterparts in stories. Here, the bride’s famili, including men, stand by her decision to not endorse the violent actions of a man.


Women have a voice of their own

The bride’s father lets her make the decisions and forbids her brother to interfere. He asks the daughter to say NO to the shaadi herself. This refers to the tag of ‘ghairat [honor]’ that men commonly associate with the female in the house. It is not dishonorable if a girl of the family speaks for herself.


The power of a strong support system for women

MoltyFoam has shown in the ad that women have the strength and courage to move mountains, even if they stand alone. But if given a strong support system, they will shine through and through without a fear.


Make men question their behavior

The ad also highlights that men should think twice before raising hands or shouting at their partners because it is a form of abuse. it violates women’s right to life.

The ad is a visual masterpiece with a strong message, written and directed by Sheheryar Munawar. You can watch the ad here:

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