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Ms. Marvel

Season 1 of Ms. Marvel wrapped up over a week ago, leaving us with wonder, memories and lots to catch up on the new Marvel superhero. As the first Marvel show with a Muslim and Pakistani protagonist, Ms. Marvel is a game-changer in more than one ways. It gave some of the most popular and talented Pakistani actors such as Mehwish Hayat, Fawad Khan and Nimra Bucha global recognition, it made a renowned filmmaker like Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, we cannot seem to forget the joy and excitement when each episode of Ms. Marvel gave us a soundtrack laden with Pakistani music. Some of the tunes were classics which every generation has heard and praised over the years, and then there were new and fresh songs delivered in the best possible packaging.

From classical music to hip-hop and EDM, the series had it all. Here is an episode by episode breakdown of all the memorable Pakistani music that got featured in Ms. Marvel. Some of these songs can be heard on Patari or Spotify.

EPISODE 1: Generation Why


Ko Ko Koreena

One of the most loved pop track of the subcontinent, Ko Ko Koreena by Ahmed Rushdi plays not once but twice in the series.


Sohniye I Love You

It is a hit of its time by renowned singer Nahid Akhtar.


Rozi is a hip-hop song by Pakistani female rapper from Karachi, Eva B. The song was played during the closing credits of Ms. Marvel‘s first episode.

EPISODE 2: Crushed

Peechay Hutt 

One of the most hyped songs from Coke Studio 14, Peechay Hutt by Hasan Raheem, Justin Bibis and Talal Qureshi seemed like a perfect fit for Ms. Marvel.

EPISODE 3: Destined

Ms. Marvel

EPISODE 4: Seeing Red

Ms. Marvel



Another Coke Studio Season 14 mega hit, Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill made it to the show.



Written by Shamoon Ismail and Talal Qureshi, AAG featuring Naseebo Lal is an old song that revived with the show.


Disco Deewane

A Nazia Hassan classic is a must when any series is incorporating Pakistani music and what better than the OG Disco Deewane, not the Bollywood version.


Doobne De (Reprise)

A gem more popularized by the show, Doobne De by Hassan and Roshaan is a must-listen with though-provoking lyrics.



Any reference to the 90s pop music of Pakistan is incomplete without Sajjad Ali’s Babia.


Mera Laung Gawacha

There is something special about Musarrat Nazir’s Mera Laung Gawacha that adds more charm to the classic Punjabi tune.


The Sibbi Song

The song by SomeWhatSuper & Abid Brohi played when Kamala’s cousins showed her Karachi during her visit.

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EPISODE 5: Time and Again

Aaja Ri Nindiya

Sung by Madam Noor Jehan, the song was for a pre-partition film Zeenat.


Tu Jhoom

EPISODE 6: No Normal


Cpt. Space 

It was a refreshing to see the title of Cpt. Space by Janoobi Khargosh at the end credits of last episode of Ms. Marvel.


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*Music list credits: @haramdotkamran

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