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I think that the merger of Kamiar Rokni and Tia Noon’s design brilliance with the corporate structure of the House of Bonanza (formerly having very little fashion significance) is the biggest revolution since buttons. Okay, so buttons aren’t very fashionable when they come in plain black but they do serve a greater purpose and been stylized to look much funkier than the original two-eye model. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what The House of Kamiar Rokni is destined to do for Bonanza: give it a flash of fashion while keeping it’s utilitarianism alive.

The NEWS collection featured the Rilli skirt (2010) which has made way into the Bonanza lawn series in 2012.

Voila! The Rilli Riwaj print in black and white was the most popular on the first day of the exhibition.

This ensemble, also from KR’s NEWS collection from the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, has been incorporated as the Daadha Sohna print.


There are so many more that can be traced back to the NEWS collection. So what KR has done is take high end fashion (each of these ensembles costs thousands of rupees each) and diffused it into affordable, ready to tailor and wear lawn. After Sana Safinaz, Kamiar Rokni is the only designer who has ‘designed outfits’ from lawn as opposed to merely sketching prints.

Kamiar Rokni with Frieha Altaf at the exhibition

Fashion’s A-listers Maheen Khan. Bunto Kazmi and Deepak Perwani. Apparently many other industry enthusiasts turned up later, after I had left.


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