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Shehzad Roy – who’s now as much a social activist as pop star – has just released ‘Mahi Vey,’ a single that pays tribute to the frontline workers, doctors specifically, who risk their lives and often tragically lose their lives while helping others on duty. Featuring Shehzad Roy and Syra Yousuf as a couple bound in isolation, ‘Mahi Vey’ released this weekend with an artistic and sensitively directed music video by the veteran Ahsan Rahim. The song has been composed by Shany Haider and renders as a ballad that tugs at the heart. The feeling of desperation and despondency prevails throughout and plays upon emotions of love and loss.


The Covid-19 pandemic has, by now, infiltrated every household around the world in one way or the other but it’s the health care workers on the frontline that have been at highest risk of contraction and contamination. There have been heart breaking stories of doctors and nurses who have lost their lives, and this song documents and eternalizes the story of one such couple.



Syra Yousuf and Shehzad Roy feature as a couple of health workers in love and torn apart by the virus.



Very soft and melodious, in quintessential Shehzad Roy form, ‘Maula Vey’ is a ballad that is part romantic, part melancholic and one part motivation; the qawwali side-notes serve an uplifting feel and leave one with the confidence that dark times will end. The full super-moon, against which Roy is shown singing, also hints at hope in a very dark night. From the vast sky to channels of grey tunnels leading to isolation, where the patients are restricted to hospital beds, ‘Maula Vey’ paints a very real and yet artistic picture of reality as we have come to know it today.


You can hear the full song here…