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Celebrated Pakistani star, Humayun Saeed has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry. He has greatly contributed as an actor as well as a producer. The superstar has now hit another major milestone by becoming the first Pakistani actor to have been cast in a Netflix original!

Humayun will be seen as Dr Hasnat in the upcoming season of The Crown!



Dr Hasnat, a British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon, is widely known for his romantic, two-year relationship with Diana which ended in the early summer of 1997. She is said to have considered him the love of her life.

In 2013, Diana’s close friend Jemima Khan, who was with her on her 1996 Pakistan trip, said the Princess was so ‘madly in love’ with him that she considered moving to Pakistan to be with him.

Dr Hasnat attended Diana’s funeral ceremony as well.

This is a great news for Pakistan and it would be interesting to see Humayun play Lady Diana’s alleged ‘true love’ who she apparently called “Mr Wonderful.”

The fifth season would be coming to Netflix in November 2022!  The Crown premiered on Netflix in November 2016 and would conclude with a sixth and final season according to a report by the Deadline.


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