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It has become a common practice for trolls to judge female celebrities based on their red carpet looks. The same happened following the Lux Style Awards 2021 that took place in Karachi on Saturday.

The red carpet fashion in Pakistan is often a topic of debate. While the fashion choices of some stars stand out, others only get attention for all the wrong reasons.

This year, the LSA red carpet was graced by several celebrities such as Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Mehwish Hayat, Mansha Pasha, Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Asim Azhar, Aima Baig among others. However, like every year, social media was flooded with memes and derogatory remarks about who wore what.

Having had enough of the trolls, actor Mansha pasha took to Twitter to share how she feels about the matter.



“Every award show ends with a slew of sermonizing comments under the photos of all female celebrities making character judgments about how good or bad she is based on her outfit,” the Laal Kabootar star tweeted.

“Honestly, this is the real superficiality. Judging a person’s inner nature based on an outfit choice,” she wrote.

Female artists are always shamed for their fashion and moral choices once an award show concludes.

“If you think verbal abuse (well-intended or justified in your minds perhaps) makes you a good person, please check again,” she concluded.