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Maheen Karim, who’s up as a nominee for Best Luxury Pret at the Lux Style Awards this year, is also one of 5 designers creating Magnum inspired fashion for the Magnum Party 2015.


Magnum gets many people excited, but for Maheen Karim, the excitement rose for a different reason. “I was very excited of course when I was first approached to be a part of the Magnum Party, as you can imagine. It’s obviously a chance to do something different, and I feel honoured, considering the other fantastic designers who have been approached by Magnum.”


Maheen’s signature style is Western wear, which she reckons is one of the major reasons why Magnum chose her to design a  unique collection for the event. We think it also has something to do with her undying commitment to luxury fashion! All five of her Magnum inspired outfits are purely Western and while we will have to wait to see what Maheen has come up with, she describes her collection to be inspired from the rich Belgian chocolate ice cream itself.


“As Magnum is a luxury item, I wanted my collection to symbolize that luxury. Therefore the collection itself is very rich, royal and decadent. I concentrated on making the collection look and feel like an extravagant indulgence.”


Maheen’s thought process reflects her dedication to making sure she translates the richness of the chocolate ice cream through fabrics and colours. “You know how ice cream and chocolate melt into one another? I have used rich, chocolate browns and gold and tried to bleed the colours into one another so you get the true Magnum experience.”


Maheen has not only gotten us excited to see her interpretation of Magnum ice cream, but we’re also craving some of that delicious chocolate goodness ourselves right now. Her collection will be showcased at the Magnum Party tomorrow night. Be sure to follow the #HauteTrail on Instagram to follow the fun, fashion and Saturday Night Fever!

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