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The look for the LSA red carpet this year was backless gowns…and they came in all delightful shapes and sizes. Here are three of my favourite…

Amna Ilyas in a gorgeous Fahad Hussayn gown and Kiran Fine Jewellery diamonds.

Amna Ilyas was awarded Best Dressed on the red carpet and judges Andleeb Rana and Hani Taha could not have made a better choice. Ilyas is one of the few young models that has the youth, the height and most importantly the attitude that a fashion model needs to have. Looking forward to seeing more of her at fashion week and then in her film debut…if you don’t already know then keep guessing. This girl is going places!

(Btw, you can see a very cute and talented Murtaza from BNN in the background. His claim to fame in fashion: the Khalid Butt short film made with Adnan Malik. I do hope these guys are signed on for next year’s show as well)

Aamina Sheikh in another stunning Fahad Hussayn (also wearing KFJ earrings), here with the stylish Raana Khan.

There is something about the name Aamna-Aamina-Amna (no matter how you spell it) that inspires good taste. Here’s a look at Aamina Sheikh who’s also making a mark as a talented TV actor (she was even nominated this year) and she takes her talent a notch higher by proving she can dance too. The level of comfort she has with her dance partner/husband Mohib plays its role in elevating her. Her LSA gown was designed by Fahad Hussayn (a hot favourite this year) and shoes and bag were by Samia and Azmay Shehzada. It’s great that accessory designers are also nudging their way into the limelight; they have to take inspiration from Mahin Hussein’s LSA for Best Emerging Talent this year!

Ayaan Ali in a splendid Sonya Battla, one designer we don’t see enough of.

Her gown was beautiful and this girl has tremendous spark but it’s too bad her tight curls killed her look and gave her more of a Little Bo Peep and less of a fashion model avatar.

Look out for more red carpet looks…

(Photography by Kashif Rashid, exclusively for Something Haute)



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