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London Nahi Jaunga

Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat are coming back to the big screen this Eid ul Azha in Nadeem Baig’s big spectacle London Nahi Jaunga. But we can’t help but wonder who is this Chaudhry Jameel and why won’t this handsome man go to London?

Because let’s face it: EVERYONE wants to go to London. Desis looking for a foreign experience and then the desi touch to turn to when they’re missing home. You have the great weather, the shopping, the halal food (most important) and best of all, so much food. You see enough of the gora crowd to feel in foreign ka land but then you have a bustling Asian community too; it ensures you never miss home.

Here are couple of reasons why we feel Chaudhry Jameel doesn’t want to go. Oh, and we did a similar analysis of the situation when Punjab Nahin Jaungi released. You can read that here.

No visa

UK visa is one of the tougher visas to get and the application process can be a pain. Perhaps Chaudhry Jameel isn’t confident he would qualify so why waste moolah?

The GBP versus PKR trauma


The cost of leaving Punjab and settling in London is too high. The Great Britain Pound has really gone through the roof against the Pakistani rupee. Londoners mostly work hard in order to enjoy life, that’s a part of their lifestyle.  Why would Chaudhry Jameel leave the comforts of his life in Punjab and move to city where he has no staff and assistance to serve him night and day?

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Desi food

Hailing from Punjab, Chaudhry Jameel must love his yakhni pulao, murgh cholay and paye. Though many places in London are home to desi food, the taste and quality is not a match for ghar ka khana.


Photo bombing

The implications of being spotted near Altaf Hussain or Nawaz Sharif’s residences could be dangerous.


It’s been a Covid hot zone for over two years and the disease is still fast spreading with new variants. So, despite top grade medical facilities in London, who would want to take a risk?

No horse-drawn carriages

Chaudhry Jameel is fond of his horses. Though horse-drawn carriages are still popular in the UK, our hero can’t use them as a means of transport in a city with one of the best and most efficient public transport system in the world.


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We are still not sure which (if any) of these reasons is compelling enough to make our hero so against travelling to London, but at least Humayun Saeed isn’t letting Chaudhry Jameel dictate his choices. The actor recently travelled in a buggi and flew in a helicopter in London with fellow cast members to promote his film.

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