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Mooroo is constantly up to something or the other. Either he’s hosting the PFDC Sunsilk fashion week red carpet, or making hilarious videos on Facebook. He just released an album as well (which has landed him an LSA nomination) and now he’s starting live sessions. We got in touch with the creative artiste to find out more…

“I wanted to do it and I had the equipment and the ability to do it now,” he spoke to Something Haute. “Over the years I’ve been doing jingles and I’ve made money and I invested that money into audio gear. I could now do a small live gig in my studio. Secondly, it costs money. Ultimately if you’re putting time into it, you’re taking time away from things that could yield money. This is not monetized, it’s not branded, not sponsored. That’s great because I get to control but I also have to justify why I’m spending so much money on doing something if it’s not going to generate money. The idea is that this will drive our live performances. It will showcase our band’s ability to play live and I’ve already gotten a few offers to play a live gig.”

“I’ll only be doing original songs,” he continued. “I’m not interested in doing any covers. Of course when we do live shows, then we can do covers as well so that people are happy.”

How did he find the time to do so much, we asked him?

“How do I find time? I do nothing else,” he responded, with characteristic quirk. “All I do is this stuff. I don’t take time out, I don’t party, I don’t go to occasions that don’t yield something tangible like a video. Sometimes it sucks because I used to jam a lot with my friends. Recently one of my friends invited me to a jam and three, four years ago if a friend called me to a jam, I would get up and go in a heartbeat and go and jam with them. But now when somebody asks, I can’t go because I’m like I gotta do these videos man, I gotta be more prolific.”