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How often is it that you see fashion bloggers break down looks, judge fashion faux pas, and even style celebrities in looks that make it to the red carpet? Well, Khaadi is now turning the tables around and giving you the chance to judge the bloggers, and that too quite literally!


Faiza Lakhani- Secret Closet

Faiza Lakhani- Creative Head of Secret Closet


As part of a fun campaign activity, Khaadi has chosen three popular fashion blogs – Secret Closet, Siddy Says and Women’s Own – who will pick an unstitched lawn suit of their choice and style it according to their liking. Each blogger will be designing a look according to a certain style, for example Secret Closet will be going for a chic look, Siddy Says will be bringing us something trendy and Women’s Own will be working on something stylish. Once that is done, the bloggers will get a chance to style a photo-shoot in sync with their designed outfit. Photographs of the final looks will be posted on Khaadi’s Facebook page, and the fun part is that you get to vote for your favourite and decide who wins!

But wait, it gets even better; all the people who vote for their favourite look automatically get slot in a lucky draw to win a Khaadi gift voucher for Rs. 50,000! If that isn’t the easiest way to win an amazing prize, we don’t know what is!


Anum Mansuri of Women's Own

Anum Mansuri of Women’s Own


We love the idea behind this activity because not only is it going to be fun to see the final results, it’s also an innovative take on styling lawn, since each blogger will bring in a different ideology and unique sense of style. Faiza Lakhani of Secret Closet has a very pretty, feminine style; we’ve often spotted her wearing high end brands like Sana Safinaz, Nida Azwer, Farah Talib Aziz and Misha Lakhani. Anum Mansuri of Women’s Own has an extremely unique and androgynous sense of style; she’s someone who can mix and match and make unbranded pieces look like a million-dollar outfit. While Sadaf Zarar of Siddy Says is one of the most well-dressed bloggers on the red carpet, we know that her partner Amna Niazi not only looks the part but is also responsible for styling several stars on their red carpet appearances. She’s got the celebrity edge.


Amna and Sadaf of Siddy Says

Amna and Sadaf of Siddy Says


This is going to be an unpredictable and fun competition, which we’ll be following and bringing you the details all through the way. Can you make a wild guess on who you think will win? You can vote for your favourite here: