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Tonite with HSY Episode 3: Let’s get one thing out of the way first: why was Ali Gul Pir invited as a ‘guest appearance’ and limited to a stool segment as opposed to being invited as a guest on the esteemed couch? Was he supposed to be the wild card called in to buffer the meaningless high pitch laughs and completely underwhelming conversation that we witnessed on the third installment of Tonite with HSY? We’d apologize for what’s coming but his presence made no sense in the talk show that mostly lingered around HSY trying to make this episode work. It would have worked better with Ali as a guest and Syra Shehroz and her sister Alishba as guest appearances!

The third episode of Tonite with HSY – featuring Syra Shehroz and Alishba Yousuf – aired last night and to be honest, we’re not sure what the ladies were there to discuss or why they were there to begin with. Saira’s upcoming movie, Chalay Thay Saath was of course one reason and it was plugged in about 30 seconds into her introduction, but beyond that this was a dud episode. HSY tried his best to keep the energy high and keep us from reaching for our remotes; he spoke about everything under the sun including how particular Syra likes her tea to why Alishba changed her name. But it was such boring content. I wish we could have shared his enthusiasm but he could not counter the inanity that loomed throughout the episode.

Syra won the Rapid Fire round, which was definitely a saving grace of this episode as the sisters were quite blunt and politically incorrect. I hope they’ve managed to offend everyone they looked down on, which is basically everyone mentioned. There were some shocking moments of undiplomatic truth in the round. Alishba was asked: ‘Which one celebrity has gotten so much cosmetic surgery that he’s now looking like Michael Jackson?’ She replied, ‘Sabs.’ Ouch! She also said that Mehwish Hayat will never be seen dancing in the rain because all her makeup would wash off. And that she’d never attend a Sajjad Ali concert.

When the Rapid Fire came to Syra she admitted that Mawra Hocane’s acting made her blood boil. She also said that if anyone could ruin a music festival it was Ali Azmat. She also said that Saba Qamar could not dance and gave Fawad Khan 4/10 points for personality, “because I’ve worked with him.” Yes, our jaws dropped every time Syra pulled out a grenade that only made us question her intellect and opinion on the industry she’s spent most of her adolescence in.

Their responses would have been fun had Alishba not giggled throughout the segment! We’d like to see them giggling through the backlash now!