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Whether it’s acting, hosting, singing or making fashion statements, Ayesha Omar has been captivating audiences with her multi-faceted talent over the years. And along with her successful career as a performing artiste, Ayesha has always been a keen advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She’s always been vocal about the benefits of eating healthy, exercise, organic foods and the proof is in her age-defying appearance. So it was a no-brainer when, almost two years ago, Ayesha ventured into the skincare industry with her all-natural beauty range, Ayesha O Beauty, the tagline of which is “Welcome to Nature.”

While the Bulbulay star launched her nail polish collection earlier this year, just recently, Ayesha unveiled her skincare brand at the multi-brand store Allure Beauty in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. At the event, the actress and host showcased an array of skincare products as well as nail colors that are crafted locally to meet international quality standards. The best part is that every item in the Ayesha O Beauty range is created within Pakistan, contributing to the promotion of local ingredients and supporting the ‘Made in Pakistan’ initiative.

However, what sets the skincare and beauty brand apart from the rest is the fact that the business is run by women. Talking about her venture, Ayesha proudly revealed,

“It’s an all-female venture, which makes it even more unique and special. Apart from Hemani International being the manufacturer, I have complete creative control over it, where I do in-depth research into health, nutrition, and fitness and make sure all the ingredients are natural and organic. This venture not only offers high-quality skincare products but also stands as an inspiration for young girls aspiring to be part of a locally-driven, internationally-recognized brand.”

Maliha Rehman, Aamna Isani, Ayesha Omar, Fatima Hassan

In an earlier interview with Something Haute, she shared,

“While I was no stranger to the bounties of natural ingredients, my journey towards the wonders of a nature-based lifestyle began quite a few years ago when my mother fell sick. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, my brother eventually decided to heal her through organic ways. Gradually, we started using organic and natural products in the house. I wasn’t a believer until I saw my mother healing through naturopathy, but that opened my eyes towards it.”

The idea for Ayesha O Beauty was born from the belief that beauty begins with wellness. Guided by this philosophy, a team of skincare experts who share the same vision have collaborated to develop a range of products that celebrates nature in its authentic form.

Don’t forget to visit Allure Beauty and check out her entire range of skincare products and vibrant nail colors!

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