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Just like all Khaani fans who are addicted to the show, we too were hoping for the return of GEO Entertainment to our screens so that the producers release a new episode of the popular play. While there was a lot of confusion regarding the next episode being aired tomorrow (23rd April), we decided to contact the director Anjum Shahzad for a clarification regarding the matter.

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“Yes, it will be airing tomorrow,” Anjum Shahzad confirmed to Something Haute. Khaani will get more intense as it nears its end. Just watch it till the end,” he replied when we asked him if he has a message for his fans!

“It won’t be clichéd at all, as most drama endings tend to be,”Anjum had explained in a chat earlier. “It will be a very realistic end. People might be expecting a happy ending but the same people also question such endings.”



We’re sure the fans will be watching the serial until the end and so will we because we’re already excited for the next episode. Stay tuned and watch this space for our review!