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What use is a college degree if it can’t get you a job?

Kaam Dou‘, Abid Brohi’s second single that comes almost a year after the insanely popular ‘The Sibbi Song’ targets the futility of getting a degree if that degree can’t get you a job. The song starts off with former Chief Minister Aslam Raisani’s
infamous and unbelievable quote, “degree degree hoti hai, chahay asli ho ya jaali” (A degree is a degree, whether real or fake). And it goes on to discuss how unemployment renders academic degrees useless and college graduates are begging for meaningful work.

Brohi’s inherent quirkiness breathes life into the song and the video – directed by Raza Shah, who also directed and won an award for ‘The Sibbi Song’ – is just as bright and uplifting as the unexpected star’s vocals are.



No one can deny the fact that Pakistan’s current socio-political landscape is infested with problems that begin with political parasites and end with, also political parasites. But there are two ways of addressing and talking about the problem. One is to hold a dark and melancholic mirror to society, as television does in general, whether on fictional TV dramas or the more real news headlines. The other way is through satire and consequently hope and inspiration and that’s what Abid Brohi is managing to achieve.

Someone once asked him, after the success of his first single, if he planned to go back to school and get an education. He broke into rap, suggesting that what good would a degree be if it doesn’t get him a job. That became the basis of this song. Catchy and fun, he’s driven the point home.

  • ‘Kaam Dou’ is part of the latest release for Patari Aslis, Volume II series – a platform for original music that we’re all in love with.