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Rumours of who’ll replace Khadijah Shah as creative director at Sapphire have been afloat eversince her departure from the textile brand. It has just been confirmed that designers Kamiar Rokni and Mahgul Rashid will be heading the brand now.

“It is true that Mahgul is the Creative Director, I am the Design Director. At this point we would really not like to comment beyond that. The product goes out in February and we’ll let it speak for itself,” official PFDC spokesperson and renowned designer Kamiar Rokni told Something Haute.

“The team would rather speak on new direction, brand implications etc once our work is out there. Otherwise both Mahgul and Kamiar prefer to remain in the background and let the work speak for itself,” Amir Rashid, Director of Sapphire told us.

Sapphire has grown tremendously since it was established in 2014 and we’re excited to see what new heights it will reach under the wings of these talented designers.