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Paris Men’s Fashion Week is currently underway and apart from Moschino’s gender-bender collection and the infamous Uggs getting a ridiculous makeover, two designers made another bold statement as they transformed their models into pigs and dogs for the catwalk!

French designer Julien David sent out his models wearing dog’s heads, while Flemish Walter van Beirendonck presented men as pigs.

For Julien’s presentation, each of his 20 looks was worn by a different breed of dog. They lounged around a staged apartment, playing vintage video games, drinking whiskey and attempting to lift weights.


paris fashion week


“I wanted to take a step and look at the sociological aspect—how we behave,” the designer stated. “I [thought] to abduct specific characters and just study the human species,” the designer told AFP.

Walter van Beirendonck on the other hand, brought out his collection with a litter of ‘pig men’ in what is being observed as France’s answer to the #MeToo campaign, #BalancetonPorc (Squeal on your pig).


paris fashion week


With piggy ears sticking out of their hoods, and strategically-placed holes over erogenous zones, the PVC outfits made quite a statement albeit more sexual than anything else.

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