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One of the biggest star cast of the year is coming to our cinema screens on March 3rd, as Mohib Mirza’s directorial debut, Ishrat Made in China will start screening in theaters nationwide.

Mohib, who is playing the titular character Ishrat, is all set to win hearts with his Team 11 that includes big names like Sanam Saeed, HSY, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Kazmi, Sara Loren, Mani, Imam Syed, Shabbir Jan, Nayyar Ejaz and Mustafa Chaudhry. This ensemble cast will compete with one of the biggest Hollywood films to release in 2022, The Batman.

While The Batman is a dark and gritty action/adventure based on a comic book character, Ishrat Made in China will prove to be an actual contrast for the viewers who crave a masala entertainer. It has Mohib’s famous character — Ishrat —  as the protagonist in a new setting and is full of action, romance, humour, songs, dance, scenic beauty and a lot of drama.

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Following the release of its teaser, trailer and the popular TickTalk song, fans cannot stop rooting for the ensemble cast and their characters. HSY and Shamoon Abbasi especially stand out with their distinct roles and personas in the film, while Mohib has got an opportunity to explore his comedic side after a long time. The trailer of the film has garnered over 2 and half million views over YouTube in two weeks only.



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With names like Mani and Mustafa Chaudhry, the film is bound to make you laugh and giggle. Strong performers like Shabbir Jan and Nayyar Ejaz will add more drama and charisma. Sanam Saeed can be seen in a never-seen-before avatar as she dances on tunes in her stylish looks. Sara Loren is playing a biker chick and Ali Kazmi is the flirtatious one. Imam Syed has got some Chinese connection which will only be revealed once the film it out. Shamoon Abbasi has completely transformed his look in the film, while HSY’s villainous persona is something to look forward to. With action and humour added to all these entertaining characters, the film is expected to be a power-packed masala entertainer.



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After along hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic, cinemas are finally open for screenings. Ishrat Made in China is the perfect family film to bring people back to cinemas as it provides a comic relief after the sad times we have endured in the last two years.

Shot in Pakistan and Thailand, the cinematography and direction are also to watch out for. The short promos that have been releasing in the last few days are also building anticipation and hype as viewers are seeing a lot of diverse characters. This is the perfect way to increase footfall in cinemas across the country. The star-studded flick is raising expectations and with such a strong cast, we expect to see packed theaters.

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