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Get ready to upgrade your bedroom with The Linen Company’s latest collection of luxurious bedding. Discover unparalleled quality in Volume 1’s six new prints by The Linen Company, launching January 31, 2024. From vibrant energy to serene styles, find your perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

New prints, fresh vibes

The three dynamic prints bring different vibes to your space. DUSK is lively and bold, with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes that add energy to your room. FIONA is all about peace and tranquility, featuring soft pastel tones and delicate lines that create a calming ambiance. For those who love playfulness, RAHA has intricated patterns and whimsical elements that bring joy to any room.

On the floral side, The Linen Company introduces three captivating prints. ICICLE bursts with life against a bold blue backdrop, showcasing cheerful flowers that add vibrancy to your bedroom. NIGHTBLOOM takes a softer approach, offering calming vibes with its delicate blue backdrop and elegant floral patterns. Lastly, ICEFALL invites you into a magical garden with playful and whimsical flowers that promise visual delight.

Exceptional softness, timeless quality

The Linen Company’s products are not just beautiful; they’re also incredibly soft. The bed sheets, duvet covers, and cushion covers are known for their unmatched softness, which only gets better with each wash. The secret lies in the premium materials and careful craftsmanship that go into creating each piece.

Beyond the new prints, Volume 1 offers an extensive range of luxury bedding products. From blankets and towels to scented candles, every item reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence. The collection even includes weighted blankets, and mattress toppers, ensuring a touch of luxury for every corner of your home.

Elevate your sleep, elevate your home

Revamp your bedroom vibe with The Linen Company’s Volume 1 collection. Choose from vibrant colors, serene pastels, or playful patterns that match your style. Sink into plush comfort, enjoy refined prints, and upgrade your home with premium bedding essentials. Your path to a more luxurious and stylish sleep experience starts with Volume 1 from The Linen Company.

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