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While plus size clothing and body positivity is a concept being promoted widely in the West, the East is gradually catching on too, or so it seems.

Lakme Fashion Week India Day 1 saw the relatively fresh brand, Half Full Curve, bring about a much-needed dose of inclusivity to the runway. Models from the age of 18-81 took the runway with great panache, in silhouettes that complemented their curves rather than hiding them away, to great acclaim by the audience and critics.


half full curve


Half Full Curve is a brand that aims to promote fashion where one is not limited by age, body type or skin colour.  “We’re saying don’t do that — show off your body, show off your curves! Our entire collection is targeted to accentuate the curves in the right places. We have worked with 20 real women of all ages, sizes, skin colours, professions, and they were so supportive of the concept,” founder Rixi Bhatia says.

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The market for plus size clothing, especially in the East, needs to expand to include more flattering styles for every age and body type. While we do have brands like Generation take up the initiative in their campaigns and collections, it would be refreshing to see the trend translate on fashion week runways too.