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News of a Hindi Medium sequel has been dominating headlines ever since the film raked in success at the box office and then went on to pick up numerous, coveted awards at annual award shows. Not only did Hindi Medium pick up the most nominations at the recently held Filmfare Awards 2018 (including a win for Irrfan Khan for Best Actor and Best Film) but it went on to be the first time that an actress from Pakistan was nominated for a Best Actor (female) in a Leading Role category. That was quite something.

Then came news that the director, Saket Chaudhary, was making a sequel of Hindi Medium. There’s no way that the sequel would or could be made without Irrfan Khan but we speculated whether Saba Qamar would be part of it or now, considering the unofficial ban of artists from Pakistan working in India. It would be hard to imagine the film without the priceless performance of Saba as the inimitable Meeta.

Saba was unavailable for a comment but we had read several contradictory reports in various local publications, so we decided to tap our sources on the other side of the border.

“The film is still in the scripting stage so nothing has been determined yet,” credible sources in India told Something Haute, adding that it could neither be confirmed or denied just as yet.

Whether or not Saba works in the sequel will be determined by the level of political pressure, we feel. She was great in the film and it’ll be hard to replace her. That said no one wants to take the risk of working against the system.

We’ll have to wait and see how this ends. And we hope it’ll be a happy ending.