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Tu Tu Mein Mein to release on August 14

First Look: Tu Tu Mein Mein

First Look: Tu Tu Mein Mein

After the record breaking success of films like Hum Tum and Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu, Pakistan’s political parties have decided to join hands in a co-production titled Tu Tu Mein Mein, scheduled for an August 14 release. Starring former cricketer and current body-builder, Jibraan Khan and Kashmir ka pyara gonglu, Awaz Sharif, this film will also feature TuQ in a side role; whether he has been cast as the hero’s side-kick, villain or heroin is yet to be disclosed. Trailers of the film have been attracting a lot of attention as they include some high budget action sequences of motorbike and car chases around a barricaded Model Town. Though distributors have been sworn to secrecy, it has been revealed that a body double was used to perform some of TuQ’s stunts. Jibraan Khan insisted upon performing his own whereas Awaz Sharif felt he could do without one as his most dangerous stunts involved sitting behind a desk and talking to himself.

Though highly anticipated, this film has managed to postpone the scheduled releases of films like Dukhtar and is now the big attraction for cinema-goers on the August 14 holiday. Waar, which is scheduled for a television release on the very same day, does pose a slight threat but producers of Tu Tu Mein Mein say they don’t mind the “Waar break” as TTMM fans may need a comic relief. Plus, as directed by Awaz Sharif, the audience will be treated to free haleem, nihari and flags with his face superimposed as the star in the crescent moon. That, he feels, is an offer no one will be able to refuse!

(Published in Instep Today August 14, 2014. For more on entertainment, find Instep online)


– Aamna Haider Isani

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