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As an actor, Danish Nawaz has made us laugh multiple times. As a director, he has managed to impress us even more with the depth of his craft in serious dramas such as Kashf that became a superhit. After a long break from comedy, he made a comeback with Ramazan special drama Chupke Chupke that has so far exceeded all expectations becoming one of the most loved and watched shows of the season.

“Comedy has always been a holiday for me but I had always wanted to produce serious content revolving around issues that I felt strongly about,” Danish had explained the contrast in his work and how he has evolved professionally in his previous interview with Something Haute.

This time, in an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, the captain of the ship, director Danish Nawaz spoke at length about the making of Chupke Chupke, casting, effects of the pandemic and what to expect from the final episode.


Danish Nawaz and Hassan Choudary


Addressing the rumours regarding changes being made in the initial cast, Danish said that when a drama is being designed, several options are put forward. “We reach out to the options, however, it’s not always the case that they are available. Sometimes, there are date issues. Also, because of the lockdown, some actors could not do the project with us.”

The director, however, is extremely happy with the final cast and loves the experience. “From the dadis to Mirchi, we’re all friends. The environment was extremely friendly and amazing”

“Ramazan plays have huge casts, multiple actors are together in a single frame and the drama has to be shot as quickly as possible,” shared Danish about the difference between regular dramas and season special plays.

While the director is mostly held responsible for the success and failure of a project, Danish Nawaz says that he owes the success of Chupke Chupke to the entire team. “It was all great team work and everyone took responsibility and was equally involved in the project.”

“I was really impressed by the script. Chupke Chupke is very beautifully written,” he said when explaining what tempted him to do the project. “I really enjoyed working on Chupke Chupke.”

As far as a sequel is concerned, Danish says it all depends on the script. “We will see if there is scope and space for a sequel. If it can be made then great, otherwise we will make something new.”

Watch the interview here: