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Abbas Ali Khan is known for his versatile music; the singer definitely knows how to mix different genres of music and create something that not only caters to everyone’s taste but also make tunes that stand the test of times and will always be remembered. Who doesn’t recall the hype Sun Re or Malal created when they first came out? He received similar response when he went towards Sufi music with Tamam Alam Mast. After not being in the limelight for quite sometime, Abbas Ali Khan has resurfaced with a new single track — Mein Hoon [I Exist] — which is loosely based on the pandemic.

Written, composed, produced and directed by Abbas himself, the track is an expression of love for the Almighty and talks about self-discovery.

“In these turbulent times, let’s take a minute to sit and recognize our existence in connection with our creator, and ask HIM to show us light and guidance through every thick and thin!” the video began with this message.

With picturesque imagery like lush green valleys, ice-covered mountains and dunes, the video is a beautiful reflection on how man drowns himself in worldly luxuries and pleasures, only to lost that special connection with the Divine power which is the basis of his existence.

“Mein Hoon is an expression of love for the Almighty and self-discovery,” stated the official description of the song on his YouTube channel.

You can watch it here: