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It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Humayun Saeed; there are very few stars who retain their humility when talking about themselves and Humayun is definitely one from that rare and dying breed. Anyway, I called him after ages since he’s been very busy with the filming of Punjab Nahin Jaonge. The spell, which started in November shooting sporadically, will end in three days in Hyderabad and while the word on PNJ has been very hush-hush, I did manage to get some vague details about the film from him.

The film is being directed by Nadeem Baig (we already know) but it is absolutely nothing like Jawani Phir Nahin Aani. Three of the cast members are being repeated – Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat and Ahmad Ali Butt – whereas Urwa is the value addition but the film is “purely Pakistani,” Humayun says. “Punjab Nahin Jaungi has been shot across Pakistan and is the polar opposite of JPNA. It’s completely different and is a pure Pakistani film.”

“Did you watch Dillagi?” he then asked me, adding that PNJ is actually very much like Dillagi. Not story-wise, perhaps, but in the sense that it has the same aura, chemistry and the hero is very similar in that he’s a simple yet strong man.

Who plays the villain, the negative role, I then asked?

“There is no negative role, no villain in the film,” he replied, quite unbelievable. It’s hard to conceive a feature film without a villain but then even JPNA didn’t have a negative character and so many ‘feel-good’ films work on the same lines.

The trailer of the film will be out soon, Humayun reassured, adding that it really does look very good. “I can’t say whether the film will be a success and I am nervous but the teaser looks fantastic, I have to say. Anyone who has seen it has loved it. I hope the audience will love it too!”

Punjab Nahin Jaungi is scheduled to release Eid ul Azha.