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Amidst the plethora of florals, birds of various breeds, and other typical motifs, Generation is nothing less than a breath of fresh air as it brings us trendy prints and innovative silhouettes once again, with their S/S’17 collection. Our main aim when we walked into their store was just to survey the new collection, but five minutes later we found ourselves in the fitting room with our arms full of amazing outfits!

The modern woman, who is still connected to her roots and traditions, inspires this collection, hence perfectly displaying an array of ghararas, shalwars, casual pishwas and angrakha cuts but with a signature Generation twist. Along with short and long tunics with various eye catching details such as unconventional slits, ruffles, drapes and layers, the collection also features various trendy uppers and lowers to oomph up any daywear look.

Generation S/S'17

This voluminous gharara stole the show for us

The colour palette consists mostly of earthy tones, and the prints comprise of funky floral, geometric, oriental and animal motifs. So you’ll find something summery and floral as well as something chic and pinstriped all under the same roof! Of course it is also the eastern and western fusion that makes their designs even more appealing, since the same top can easily be paired with ripped denims or a classic shalwar; that’s something you don’t find in most retail brands. Our favourite piece from this collection was a certain voluminous gharara in a fun rainbow print. The cut was traditional but the print made it stand out as a super funky piece.

However, what we love most about Generation is the fact that since many of their designs are quite unconventional and may not appeal to everyone, they tend to have the same print styled in several ways. So if you fall in love with a certain print, which we guarantee you will, you have various options to choose a cut and style of your liking!

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