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We all frequently acknowledge how natural Anoushey Ashraf is on the red carpet, but can we take a minute to applaud how well she conducts her morning show Chai, Toast Aur Host? This cup of tea is very welcome at a time when the words ‘morning show’ make your blood boil because you know the kind of atrocities that take place on some of the other programs. In a sea of offensive and demeaning TV shows, Anoushey has made room for some sanity, and has done it consistently for nearly 100 episodes! Yes, the show turns 100 episodes old tomorrow and we’re pretty sure that Anoushey has a bunch of interesting things planned for the century celebration. And while that happens, here’s us listing down our love for Chai, Toast Aur Host.

The blend: Anoushey herself

The most important thing in a good cup of tea is the brand of blend and we’re happy to stand behind Anoushey Ashraf. Here’s a huge round of applause for a woman who will cover film premieres till late at night and then be up at 5 or 6 the next morning to present a morning show, looking as fresh as a flower. Not once does Anoushey make you realize how tough her job actually is. She’s always pleasant, cheerful and extremely energetic. Because she’s down-to-earth and cheerful in real life as well, it reflects on the show and that really helps in making the vibe of Chai, Toast Aur Host extremely positive. Very karak!

The brew: the format of the show

We love how the show starts off in the most fuss free manner possible and continues without the hysteria or madness that is rampant between 9-11am on most other channels. Here it’s just two women, sitting around a table having a normal conversation. They are eventually joined by guests, who look completely at ease as they discuss some relevant topic. The show moves between a set projected as a living room and kitchen and it has the comfort of being in one’s own home.

The ingredients: the content

Thankfully, Anoushey and her guests seem to discuss topics that would interest sane and intelligent women and they do not exploit or sensationalize things. For instance, recently on a show, Anoushey spoke to Bushra Ansari about the generational gap between our elders and the children today and discussed helpful parenting tips at great lengths. Of course, it helps to have a personality as renowned as Bushra Ansari, but the fact is that they were discussing very relevant issues in these highly technological times, and also answered questions that many women regularly worry about.
“I’m not a good enough mother if I’m not constantly baby-ing my child all his life”- here’s a notion that many young women feel nowadays. There’s this pressure to constantly keep sacrificing all the time- You’re a bad mother if you work, you’re a bad mother if you make your child wash his own clothes; Bushra Ansari says you’re a good parent even if you don’t hand feed your child till he’s nearly 15 years old. It’s okay to let children do things themselves.

Served with the chai: the guests

Chai, Toast Aur Host always has fun celebrities! Whether it’s Bushra aapa, as mentioned above, or the entire cast of Dobara Phir Se or Lahore Se Agay, you know it’s going to be the hottest celebs. Also, it helps that Anoushey’s cheery disposition as well as personal association with most guests brings out the best in everyone. They feel they’re in a comfort zone; the way you’ll see Sanam Saeed and Hareem Farooq opening up or having a hearty laugh with Anoushey, you won’t see them being this comfortable and natural anywhere else.
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