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Pakistani visual artist and designer, Misha Japanwala who has won global attention and appreciation for her work recently tied the knot in Karachi. The wedding caught everyone’s attention when pictures of Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her film 12 Years a Slave, started circulating on social media.

The Black Panther actor was spotted in two photos shared by our Dubai correspondent, Sadiq Saleem, on Instagram.

She was seen posing with choreographer Zahid Hussain at two different events in Karachi. One looked like a beach party and the other from a desi wedding.

“Just before you hit the bed, let me tell you that Lupita is in Karachi dancing the night away at a beach wedding. Misha Japanwala tied the knot today! Seen with her is the go-to wedding choreographer Zahid Hussain. Hope the beach was clean!” he posted.



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Writer Anila Ali also shared an update from the event.

“At the wedding of an amazingly talented friend’s daughter in Karachi- Misha Fisher and their friends from New York, Lupita Amondi Nyong’o. Their dance performances rocked!”



Misha has tied the knot with actor Fisher Neal who also took to social media to share a fun video of what looks like a dance rehearsal.

“We’re having a some amazing times already and the wedding hasn’t even begun. What a gift to see so many dear friends and family falling in love with each other in Pakistan,” he had shared five days ago.



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Designer Huma Adnan also shared a picture of Misha from the event.



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In another post, she added that she loved seeing the guests in desi outfits. “Wedding bells for Misha – beautiful Pakistani destination wedding in Karachi with lots of people flying in from NY and dressing up in desi attire. Loved it,” she wrote.



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Here are some more pictures from the wedding festivities.



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The designer made a place for herself in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia list, and had also created a mould of rapper Cardi B. Misha has also previously collaborated with Halsey and Gigi Hadid.

The wedding looks fun, however, Misha nor Lupita have shared any pictures from the event, so far. Lupita flawlessly flaunted a vibrant, pink lehnga choli and a dupatta draped on her side. She completed her look with her hair tied in a bun and danced to the desi beats.



We would love to see more dance videos and coverage from the event.

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