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For the uninitiated, the ZERO Makeup Palette is style guru Nabila’s ingenious creation, which guarantees a flawless complexion in less than one minute. We’re not the only ones saying it; celebrities from all over have endorsed it. Here’s why you need to get your own palette too…



1. The one-minute makeover

Trust us when we say that you’ll get the look in 60 seconds! Follow these 5 simple steps – Conceal-> Blend-> Blush-> Pout-> Finish and you’ll attain the perfection your face needs to get the look.



2. This Pretty Little Liar has endorsed it


Popular show Pretty Little Liars famed actress Tammin Sursok has endorsed the product, which definitely adds more credibility to its quality for a Hollywood celebrity to vouch for it.



3. Local celebs love it


Not just Hollywood, but ZERO Makeup Palette by Nabila has even local celebs like Ayesha Omer in love with the product. Who wouldn’t love convenience in a box?



4. Perfect for the Pakistani skin tone


Ranging from Porcelain, Pearl, Ivory, Creme, Honey to Caramel – these exotic names have been attributed to the range of shades in Nabila’s ZERO Makeup Palette, which basically covers every woman in Pakistan.



5. It works just as well on men


The ZERO Makeup Palette by Nabila is also loved by men and we have proof! Designer Hassan Shehryar Yasin finds ZERO fan-tastic!


You can buy the ZERO Makeup palette at the Haute Shop.