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Drake’s song ‘In my Feelings’ became an online sensation when the creator of Shiggy made it into a challenge trending as the kiki challenge on social media. Let’s face it, it was fun but in many instances the challenge became life endangering with people running into poles or trees. As with all things outrageous, the Kiki challenge had its comic appeal too.

Below is a selection of 6 videos that, according to us, nailed the challenge and added more swag to the catchy song.


1. Rahim Pardesi AKA Nasreen

This video had us in fits. Rahim Pardesi, dressed up as his onscreen persona Baji Nasreen, grooved to the catchy song. The video garnered 1.3 million views on its first day so clearly others agree too why it is such a hit!


2. Will Smith


This Instagram surely proves how actor/singer Will Smith took the challenge to another level. Not only did he dance but he climbed a bridge in Budapest, risking his life or so it seemed and danced like a pro. Bet he was terrified as he claims it himself but it surely made it for an entertaining watch.


3. Muddy Indian Farmers


This is by far the cutest video we’ve seen all day. These Indian farmers groove to Drake’s sensation and give it a twist by not just shaking a leg or two but doing it while they splash mud driving a bullock. Now that’s indeed something new added to the Kiki challenge.


4. Kiki with a flip

This kid surely knows her moves. Love how she effortlessly gets down the car and starts dancing like no one’s watching. She makes the challenge a little more creative by adding a flip to her dance moves.


5. Richa Chadha

While the world is taking the challenge outdoors, actress Richa Chadha took it inside the gym and boy, we love her moves!


6. Mathira

The infamous Mathira known as a seductress doesn’t shy away from turning the challenge into a seductive stint. She doesn’t get down the swanky Lamborghini but is found dancing along the way on the streets of London getting cat calls for what she’s up to. We wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case then!


7. Kiki with a twist

This Asian girl manages to get over her shyness and adds some creativity to the challenge by showing the world some kick ass break dance and we love it!

Who according to you nailed the kiki challenge? Let us know in comments.