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Pakistan’s first full-length animated film franchise, 3 Bahadur is back with its third movie, 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors. The trailer launch was attended by the lead sponsor of the movie; Dettol, along with partners; SOC Films and Waadi Animations.

As a special treat, Dettol announced its ‘Golden Ticket Campaign’ on the trailer launch of the film. The Dettol brand team announced the launch of the campaign, Mr. Humayun Farooq – Marketing Director – Health RB Pakistan, described the Golden Ticket campaign by saying; “Dettol is introducing the Golden Ticket Campaign through which children across the country will not only be able to meet their favourite superheroes but will also be inspired to live like one, in their everyday lives. We believe this campaign, along with the upcoming 3 Bahadur film, will act as a trigger for positive change.”


The nationwide competition was introduced to give a chance to children and adults alike to meet and greet 3 Bahadur and Dettol Warriors’ characters by simply buying the soap for their chance of winning the Golden Ticket, and following the instructions given on the Golden Ticket to register as one of the winners of the campaign.

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Rise of the Warriors is set to be released on December 15, 2018, for viewership. The Golden Ticket campaign will continue until Dettol has all the lucky winners.

The campaign is expected to be an exciting one, as the participation of Dettol Warriors fans has started to come in. Fans from around the country are trying their luck by buying the soap and trying to win the Golden Ticket.

The franchise’s third installment, set to be hitting the screens in December, is set to win the hearts of the Golden Ticket winners and the fans of the Dettol Warriors.

To watch the announcement of the Golden Ticket: click on: