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More important than the subject of the story is how the subject or issue is tackled in a drama or film. Dobara revolving around Mahir and Mehru played respectively by Bilal Abbas Khan and Hadiqa Kiani is HUM TV’s latest offering that has great expectations tied to it. The first episode aired last night, and so far it’s safe to say that it will be on our must-watch list.

Dobara is a story about complicated relationships and societal pressure. The episode opens with Mehru being introduced as a widow who just lost her husband Hidayat (Naumaan Ejaz). There are flashbacks that tell us Mehru’s unfortunate backstory where she is forced to marry a much older man upon her father’s dying wish. Despite what looks like a guest role, Naumaan, as always made his presence felt in the scenes.

The introductory scene where Mehru lets down her bun and opens her hair is beautifully shot and you can tell she is finally letting go. The letting down of the tight bun symbolizes freedom in her case.



While everyone around her including her son Affan (Usama Khan), daughter Minal (Maheen Siddiqui) and sister in law Durdana (Sakina Samo) expect her to mourn the loss of her husband, she seems to be mourning her own life and the death of her innocent childhood.

There is a scene at the prayer meet where Mehru asks a child to play with her. It is heartbreaking to watch because that shows the pain she went through. Her childhood was snatched from her and she was living a life she did not wish for.



Sakina Samo plays the typical desi phuppo and sister in law who would not leave a single chance to mock Mehru or anyone else in the house. Despite it being a funeral, all she cares about is putting up a display of customs, tradition, wealth and power.

Minal’s husband Zameer (Nabeel Zuberi) raises some important questions about our problematic society. For example why do we need to overspend on funerals and following events when the same money can be given in charity or to feed the the orphans. However, he is told to keep his views to himself by the phuppo and no one interferes.



On the other hand, we are introduced to Bilal’s character. Mahir comes from a broken family where both his parents separated and went on to remarry. Their decision left Mahir unwanted and neglected all his life and that shows in his personality. He is jobless and careless.



Mahir is dating Zoya Nasir’s character in the drama. During the birthday scene where he takes her on a dinner date, she asks him where he got the money from since he isn’t earning. His reply stating that there are other ways to make money other than to get a job raises questions about his intention, perspective and relationships.

Mahir and the chaos he wreaks everywhere he goes is an absolute delight to watch. His relationship/banter with his stepmother and their scenes together are also deep yet entertaining.

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Written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Danish Nawaz, Dobara is off to a powerful start and we look forward to seeing how the story unfolds. So far, it is a mix of a strong cast, intelligent direction and beautiful storytelling.

Watch the first episode here: