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It was a welcoming news when Aymen Saleem, who made her debut as Mishi in Ramazan serial Chupke Chupke, announced that she is not leaving the entertainment industry. Now she has posted several stories and posts on her Instagram to make it official that she has signed a new script and is nowadays shooting the drama.

It is a HUM TV production and according to news reports, Shahzad Sheikh and Hira Mani will be her co-stars. Aymen’s Insta Story revealed her look and character’s name in the currently untitled drama.


Aymen Saleem



She also posted a video clip in which she is playing street cricket with Shahzad Sheikh and it is evident from her shot that she is the daughter of a former Pakistani cricketer, Saleem Yousuf.

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Though Shahzad shared the Story, Hira hasn’t posted any confirmations about her role on social media. Shahzad was last seen in Phaans, while Hira is currently appearing in Yun Toh Hai Pyar Bohut.

Keep watching this space to find out more.