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Frieha Altaf of Catalyst PR poses in one of the new prints by Faraz Manan by Crescent Lawn

I have not been able to drag myself to the lawn exhibitions this year, not a single one, especially at the Imperial and Palm shamianas. But Frieha Altaf is a smart event manager and she organized a press view for Crescent at Cafe Flo, in an intimate and elegant way. I don’t know when and where the lawn will officially be launching.

The new and improved Sam: spotted during the makeup call at Rukaiya’s salon

And here you see Sam all prepped up at the show

Fareshteh Aslam and the dazzling designer Maheen Karim without whom I would have no clothes


‘Why didn’t God give Pakistani women calves? How we get calves and look better in dresses?”

“Why don’t you get implants?”

“Is that possible. I also want to get a nose job for a nose like that models.”

“Then why don’t you got to the same surgeon she went to (laughs)?”

Faraz Manan put out all lengths: knee short and calf long in his styling. So for all of you who keep asking, understand that everything works according to your personal preference.

Nightingale Komal Rizvi with MK (white) in the background. Also seen, my friend the casual and cool Neini who makes all events look snazzy on GEO

Manic Mohsin ( and I say this with utmost fondness) and the witty & lively Maria Wasti

Another stylish young designer, Sanam Chaudhri-Sheikh, whose style you can get a piece of at Labels

Umair Tabani (Sania Maskatiya’s brother) with Maheen Karim. The evening ended at this table where eight people gorged on the goodies at Flo

Faraz Manan and Safinaz, who’s every lawn maker’s biggest nightmare. Her collection is out soon. What she’s wearing in from her upcoming pret collection. Short!

(L-R) Safinaz, Fareshteh, Nida, Umair, Maheen and Frieha Altaf

Event organized by Frieha Altaf @ Catalyst and God bless her for bringing it to Flo.

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