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Team Muhafiz

Team Muhafiz, a joint venture of ISPR and Geo Network in association with AzCorp Entertainment, has finally released its first episode titled Parchi. And right from the on set, the characters in the animated series are ready to stand against cruelty and injustice.

Animated series, cartoons and comics are the best tools to create awareness in children and instill good social and moral values. This animated series aims to do just that while igniting the spirit of patriotism in young minds.

The first episode introduces us to the Team Muhafiz, along with its mentor. The episodes starts with a warning that the crime rate in the country has jumped up substantially and extortion in the name of ‘protection money’ is rampant to snatch hard-earned money from shopkeepers. Enter four teenagers — Parinaaz, Mahnur, Zane and Reza — who under the mentorship of a former SSG Commando Havaldar Farman take matters in their own hands to safeguard fellow citizens.

Team Muhafiz

All of them have their own set of skills which they use to defend themselves; Parinaaz is passionate about hockey, Zane is a cricket enthusiast who has found a new purpose as a batsman, Mahnur is the first female martial art champion from Gilgit Baltistan and Reza is an expert archer and Kang Fu master. Together these four with their fellows hope to see a peaceful and crime-free society. After a fight with these gangsters, Team Muhafiz manage to capture one goon but they have no clue that this dangerous gang of extortionists is headed by Rawka.

Team Muhafiz

Some of the best artists from showbiz industry of Pakistan have provided voiceovers for the characters of TM. Wahaj Ali is playing Reza, Sajal Aly has lent her voice to Parinaaz, Dananeer is playing Mahnur, Ahsan Khan is Farman, Syed Shafaat Ali is Zane. We have Adeel Khan’s voice as Badshah Khan, Nimra Rafiq as Aarya and Nayyar Ejaz  has given his voice to a baddie, Rawka.

Team Muhafiz

The series is inspirational and motivational, especially for children, who in today’s world are accustomed to the evil ways of our society. With each episode, we will get familiar with these characters and their backgrounds.

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The objective behind Team Muhafiz is to build a national narrative of peace, progress and harmony. It is admirable to see characters from different professional backgrounds, social classes, ethnicities and religions. They message behind this deliberate choice is that everyone can co-exist with love and mutual respect for each other.

The biggest strength of Team Muhafiz, after its animation, is its energetic OST Dil Fatah Karain. With encouraging lyrics by Asim Raza & Adnan Dhool, the song by Soch The Band, Karakoram and Young Stunners adds more power to the series.

Team Muhafiz is adapted from a comic book series with the same title, created by Imran Azhar and published by AzCorp Entertainment.

Watch the first episode here:

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