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While we all know how summers can get in Pakistan, Dubai shares a similar climate. But fear not! In this bustling city, the heat doesn’t hinder the fun, thanks to a plethora of indoor adventures waiting to be explored. From culinary delights to immersive experiences, Dubai offers a vibrant array of indoor marvels that promise excitement and respite from the blazing sun.

Fi’lia Dubai

The city boasts a plethora of indoor and outdoor restaurants, each offering breathtaking views, exquisite ambiance, and top-notch cuisine. Amidst the city’s vibrant culinary scene, Fi’lia Dubai and Forever Rose Café emerged as standout destinations for us. Fi’lia Dubai, located on the 70th floor of SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences in Business Bay, not only offers delectable Italian cuisine but also holds the distinction of being the Middle East’s first female-led restaurant. Under the guidance of Chef Sara Aqel, Fi’lia celebrates tradition and talent, serving up homely Italian fare with breathtaking views of the city skyline. From homemade pastas to scrumptious pizzas straight from a firewood oven, every dish is a testament to Fi’lia’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Forever Rose Cafe

On the other hand, Forever Rose Café, owned by Ebraheem Al Samadi who also appears in the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling, took our breath away with its monochrome elegance and floral-inspired delights. Located at BoxPark, this enchanting café offers a unique dining experience, where patrons are immersed in a 2D illustration brought to life. From edible flowers to rose-infused lattes, every item on the menu promises a sensory journey unlike any other, reflecting the founder’s vision of luxury artisan dining.

The Green Planet

Our adventure took a thrilling turn as we explored The Green Planet, Dubai’s very own tropical rainforest nestled in the heart of City Walk. With its majestic four-story biodome reaching heights of 30-45 meters, The Green Planet offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the rainforest ecosystem. Housing over 3,000 plants and animals, including 20 animatronic bugs and nine botanical gardens representing ecosystems worldwide, it serves as a hub for promoting awareness of diverse ecosystems through immersive guest experiences. As we snapped selfies and marvelled at the towering tree dominating the bio-dome, a sense of surreal serenity washed over us. The Green Planet Dubai’s mission is to foster understanding of nature and science, offering exclusive animal encounters and conversations with biologists to promote conservation and climate change awareness. It provides educational adventures for all ages, including unique experiences like “Zookeeper for a day.”

AYA Universe

Our indoor adventures concluded with a visit to AYA, an immersive entertainment experience like no other. From the moment we stepped into this sprawling space, each area offered a unique story to explore and a new adventure to ponder upon. AYA truly transports visitors to otherworldly dimensions, blending cutting-edge technology with imaginative storytelling to create an unforgettable journey through 12 fully immersive zones. As we navigated through AYA’s vibrant and interactive experiences, we found ourselves mesmerized by the fusion of art

As we concluded our journey through Dubai’s indoor marvels, it’s clear that the city offers an abundance of exciting experiences beyond what we’ve explored. These indoor adventures are a rarity back home in Pakistan, making them all the more special for travellers seeking unique experiences. Stay tuned as we explore every inch of Dubai and share our top picks for a trip you’ll never forget!

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