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You all know we’ve been having a great time in Dubai, and no adventure is complete without some good food. So, keep the shopping sprees and skyscraper selfies aside for a second and join us to find out what we loved eating in Dubai!

As we wandered around the city, we found ourselves engulfed in a symphony of aromas from every corner of the world which made us realize how Dubai’s culinary landscape is a melting pot of so many different cultures and cuisines.

Arabian Tea House

To start our day, we strolled through the Al Fahidi area which is one of Dubai’s oldest residential areas, dating back to the late 19th century. We took a break and sat down at the Arabian Tea House to grab some breakfast for the day. Tucked away amidst the charming streets of Old Dubai, this hidden gem beckons with its serene courtyard and tantalizing array of treats and beverages.

As we stepped into this quaint cafe, we were greeted with the soothing sounds of rustling trees and birds singing. The ambiance boasts of Santorini-style interiors adorned in cool white hues and turquoise accents. The place is renowned for its authentic Emirati cuisine and traditional Arabic coffee. For breakfast, we indulged in the Special Emirati Breakfast Tray, a vibrant assortment of delights that includes regag bread drizzled with honey and stuffed with egg and cheese, as well as khabisah, a delectable blend of sautéed flour and molasses. Each bite was a celebration of flavor, filling yet light, and packed with nutritious goodness to fuel our adventures in the city.

Arabian Tea House

Fi’lia Dubai

As soon as the sun dips below the horizon, Dubai transforms into a glittering wonderland as the tall sky-scrappers come to life – trust us, it’s a sight you’ll never get enough of! So, we decided that we wanted to enjoy some good Italian food with a glimmering view and Fi’lia Dubai was everything we wanted!

Nestled on the 70th floor of the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences in Business Bay, Fi’lia Dubai is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. As the Middle East’s first female-led restaurant, Fi’lia pays homage to authentic, family-centered Italian cuisine while boasting panoramic views of Dubai’s iconic skyline.

Upon stepping into Fi’lia, we were greeted by a modern yet inviting ambiance, floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking vistas of Downtown Dubai and Business Bay. We tried lots of items on their menu from fresh appetizers that were perfectly balanced to main courses and desserts that we just couldn’t get enough of. The star of the show for us were their pizzas – crafted from 72-hour fermented sourdough and baked to perfection in wood-fired ovens. From the classic Margherita with fresh buffalo mozzarella or the inventive parmigiana by Fi’lia featuring whole roasted eggplant, each bite is a testament to Italian culinary excellence.

So, as we bid farewell to this mesmerizing city, we carry with us not just memories of towering skyscrapers and bustling souks, but also the taste of culinary excellence that Dubai so generously offered.


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