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With body positivity and diversity being fashion’s latest mantra, British fashion label ‘Missguided’ has introduced a line of mannequins that step away from the conventional ones we’re accustomed to seeing.

Two Missguided stores now display mannequins with freckles, various skin tones, stretch marks, and the skin condition vitiligo, as well as one styled in a hijaab! These new mannequins are part of Missguided’s “commitment to inspire self-love and to encourage buyers to be yourself, be confident in your own skin, celebrate your flaws, take risks and own it and f*ck being perfect,” the brand said in a statement.

In December last year, the brand also launched a body positivity campaign called Make Your Mark, which featured nine models, emphasising the fact that none of them were airbrushed in the imagery. The lineup of women included a range of models, body positive activists and bloggers.