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After a very fashionable stint at New York Fashion Week, style diva Ayesha Omar flew back to attend the Lux Style Awards, once again bringing a level of style statements to the show. This called for some much-needed catching up, and a chat about fashion and more.

We wanted to find out Ayesha’s style mantra, how she trusts stylists and what fashion means to the star.

“I have a lot of input about what goes in the look we create. The stylists send me a lot of options and we pick and choose together,” Ayesha explained how she chooses a look.

“The shoes I wear will depend on how much walking or standing I will have to do, it’s like an unsaid stream of thought in my mind so I’ll tell the stylist that,” she said.


One of our favourite out of Ayesha’s recent looks!

But does the fashionista look up to anyone for inspiration?

“I think it would be people like Gigi Hadid, Meesha Shafi… basically people who are quirky and put quirky things together. It would be Zara Peerzada, who is one of the young, upcoming, stylish risk-taking people. Vinnie’s style back in the day, which was simplistic, was always something that was an inspiration. Feeha Jamshed is someone who I think is very inspiring with her style sometimes. Sonam and Kareena Kapoor sometimes too!”

ayesha omar

The actress met one of her style icons at NYFW

Speaking of her experience at NYFW, we were curious to know what Ayesha thought of the whole affair, and what impressed her the most.

“The way everything was so organized, there was no frenzy or panic. Everything was working like clockwork!” the actress revealed. “Here in Pakistan also, Nabila’s team is very efficient and they know what they’re doing, but sometimes here I believe there is a lot of panic and frenzy because sometimes models and actors are getting late and people are running after each other to get the work done. Over there nobody had to run after anyone, it was all done!”

Ayesha also marvelled over their ability to conduct a number of shows at different venues and spaces, commending how everything from the seating arrangements to the timing was on point.