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The heartthrob of the nation, Fawad Khan, has broken his hiatus in 2022 with back to back projects. With three Pakistani films and a TV series to release soon, the actor is ready to blow away his audience with his onscreen presence after a long wait.

In a recent interview with Something Haute, Fawad spoke about his own production, a film titled Neelofer that stars Mahira Khan. He shared how he was sold on the idea when he heard the one-liner of the story for the first time.

Neelofer is the story about a writer who falls in love with a blind girl. It’s a love story based in Lahore and we have tried our best to keep the charm of Lahore in it but show people a different side other than the landmarks that have been shown in every project. There is romance in it, there is tragedy in it and has a happy ending,” he said.

While talking about Neelofer, Fawad also reminisced that director Amin Iqbal once also narrated a story to him that touched him.

“Years before that, Amin Iqbal wrote a story about a blind sculptor. It was a story based in Lahore, specifically the winter in Lahore and it was a series. The way he narrates his stories, you get an idea that he is very hands-on with his craft. I don’t know why it (the project) just never happened. It was set in the Lahore that I grew up in and can relate to… the fog during winter season when the rays of light fall and how Lahore is lit. In this setting, there is a man who cannot see and he falls in love with a woman. So, it always intrigued me… these kind of roles,” he shared.

Following the interview, writer/director Amin Iqbal took to his social media and shared a message for Fawad along with a video clip.

“Hey Fawad, yes, the story is still waiting for it’s protagonist’s availability. I believe that every story chooses its destiny itself and this story’s destiny has waited for 18 years to reach its culmination. Not much longer to wait hopefully,” he said.


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Amin Iqbal has directed famous dramas like Dushman-e-Jaan, Deedan and Ishaq E Laa. His post intrigued Fawad’s fans about who is this protagonist he has been patiently waiting for 18 years and we can’t wait to find out more.

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