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sara inam

While we may think the crime rate in Pakistan is decreasing, this is certainly not the case. Unfortunately, a petrifying and heart-wrenching incident came to light when Sarah Inam, a 37-year-old was brutally murdered by her husband who used a gym dumbbell to hit her on her head on September 23. The accused, Shahnawaz Amir is the son of Ayaz Amir who is a Pakistani politician and a columnist.

The couple had been married only for three months and it has been reported that Sarah returned to Pakistan from Dubai a day before the incident. Sarah was a victim of her husband’s rage and was accused by him of having an extramarital affair, which her husband used as an ‘excuse’ to hit her. While Shahnawaz was arrested on Friday, it is alarming and saddening to see how such crimes are rampant.

It hurts to even imagine how many women are killed, beaten, and are a victim of the most heinous crimes imaginable in the sanctuary of their own homes. There is no excuse for such crimes and the law and order agencies must take strict action to punish the culprit and set an example for others.

The whole nation mourned the death of Sarah. Twitter was flooded with tweets grieving her death. Our celebrities also expressed their sorrow and pleaded for justice to be served.

Mahira Khan expressed her despondency in a Twitter post:

“How long before we get any sort of justice for any woman who has been killed at the hands of rage and privilege. Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. #JusticeForSarah

Usman Mukhtar also penned down a message on Twitter:

“Another woman brutally murdered. Another hashtag asking for justice. How long till women feel safe to leave violent situations/marriages?How long till they receive support before they’re killed? How long till we stop asking what she must have done to cause this? #JusticeForSarah”

Momin Saqib actor said on Twitter:

“From Noor to Sarah and all the unreported victims of heinous crimes across the country. This is a bitter reflection of core realities, which proves the alarming need of strict legislation against perpetrators! #JusticeForSarah – May there never be another hashtag for any human!”

Marwa Hocane expressed her dismay and said:

“Horrified – Disturbed – Ya Allah rehem!!!! #JusticeForSarah

Nadia Jamil added:

“Respect the dignity of the dead. For gods sake do not share pictures of the dead body. Pursue justice without sharing pictures of the body #justiceforsarah

Maryam Nawaz also shared on Twitter:

“Sara Murder Case, Father of Prime Accused, Ayaz Amir pleaded his case in Duty Magistrates Court, said “I have sympathies with deceased and her family, Shahnawaz Amir does not deserve any defence, if he wanted to hid the case, was it hard to conceal and hide a dumbbell? #JusticeForSarah

Nighat Dad, who is a Pakistani lawyer and Internet activist also spoke about the injustice prevalent in society.

“’Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.’ This quote goes to the heart of the inherent inequality & injustice of our patriarchal society. #JusticeForSarah

Kanwal Ahmad, who is the host of her own web-series Conversations with Kanwal and is the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan – a Facebook group created for women to discuss taboo topics and break the culture of silence – posted a tweet talking about the unrealistic pressure and burden on women.

“From: ‘ghar basana hai toh bardasht toh karna paray ga.’ To: ‘Aray toh uss ko dekh ke shadi karni chahiye thi.’ The complete burden (and blame) of sustaining an abusive marriage, even if it costs her – her life, ALWAYS lies on the woman in our society.”

Meher Bokhari, a Pakistani television host shared a series of tweets giving her two cents about the gruesome incident:

“Sarah has no family here & it seems highly connected background of her husband is influencing many to remain silent. A young, educated, girl w a strong career was murdered in her own home, without a second thought! This could be any of us or our daughters. Speak up #JusticeForSarah”

“Testimonials pouring in to a life lost too early, too painfully. میں بھی سارہ ہوں #JusticeForSarah

The public called out the injustice and poured out their pain on Twitter:

“Omg I can’t hold my tears now , nobody deserves it. She was having an affair or not, nobody deserves to be killed. Who knows this all escalated out of a casual gossip or rumour (that people do on their daily basis out of envy/jealousy). Don’t be a contributor. #JusticeForSarah”

“Law is suspended in this country I repeat Law is suspended in this country. #JusticeForSarah”

“I couldn’t agree with you more Usman. How many more woman and girls are We going to loose over abuse? Please Govt give these girls justice.#JusticeForSarah

“If you can not control your aggression then don’t get married. #justiceforsarah”

As rightfully pointed out in all these tweets, what will it take us to put an end to such heinous crimes? While we may continue to post stories, tweet, and raise our voices, truth be told such acts will never be put to rest unless and until our laws and jurisdiction is strong enough to punish these criminals. The kind of fear this incorporates in the minds of every woman is unimaginable. In the end, we all wish and hope for that we can make Pakistan a safe place to live in.

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