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Cornetto and Telenor are two brands that believe in love and strong connections. Staying true to their commitment, the two have teamed up to bring us “More se Zyada – Love in the new normal.” 

Cornetto has collaborated with Telenor to bring an exciting offer for all Telenor customers which is the perfect 2 in 1 deal! Free internet is just a flip and text away for any Telenor user consuming a cornetto.

If you enjoy Cornetto and are a Telenor customer then with every ice cream you purchase, you become eligible to win up to 5GB of free mobile data.

“Get a Cornetto, flip the lid and win 5GBs Free*” because Cornetto and Telenor are here to help you make your first impression.



Telenor users can win free internet by sending the code to 7994.

Cornetto Telenor


The offer works as a link to make people stay connected with loved ones and never run out of data.

The “Love in the new normal” of Cornetto and the connection of Telenor’s “More se Zyada” scored quite well to create an interesting impact and catch attention on social media.

It began with an influencer post on Instagram, where one person had a Cornetto in their hand and waved it at their loved one who showed excitement for Cornetto, while symbolically being far away, depicted via split-screen scenario.

The person with the ice cream threw the Cornetto towards the other, and the cornetto transitioned into a phone instead, showcasing a prominent blue Telenor logo.

An animation pop art highlighted 5GB data! This led to the influencers and their loved ones coming together in one frame to enjoy their Cornettos (signifying that the free data got them closer) to do their favourite thing: enjoy ice cream together!



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Following the video post, many influencers recreated the video. However, the highlight of this collaboration was that these loved ones were not only romantic couples. From mother-daughter to siblings and friends, every possible lovable relation was given importance.

With Cornetto being the love of our nation, and Telenor being the favourite network of many across Pakistan, what do you think of this collaboration?

To reconnect and build stronger relations with your loved ones through free internet, all you have to do is grab a Cornetto now, and join in the trend to redo the CornettoxTelenor video to experience More se Zyada– Love in the new normal.”